Doggie Day Spa is an appointment-based salon focused on gaining your trust while making your dog's comfort a priority as we pamper them with spa services designed to address their needs.

To Schedule an Appointment, Call (614) 481-9663

Award Winning Salon with
Superior Customer Service

Appointment Based Salon
-To ensure your dog has the complete attention of their groomer.
-Our schedule also reduces your dog's stress by limiting their time away from you.

No Controversial/Dangerous
Cage Dryers
-Each dog recieves personal attention while we Hand Blow Dry

To schedule an appointment,
please call (614) 481-9663.

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No time to do it yourself?

Not in the mood to get your hands dirty?

Take advantage of our Full Service Deluxe Bath.

A professional bathing experience helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.

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Doggie Day Spa provides all the tools you need to make your dog look, smell and feel great.

Due to strict safety precautions during the pandemic, we are currently only able to offer Self Wash and Nail Trims on Sundays by appointment.

Self Wash

Nail Trim

Nail File

Self Wash includes specialty concierge service to assist you plus...
-Raised Platform for smaller dogs
-Happy Hoody for nervous dogs
-Support for elderly/giant breeds
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Additional Spa Services

  • Tooth Brushing$6Teeth brushed using enzymatic toothpaste.
  • PlaqClnz Dental$20Three step process that kills bad breath and prevents plaque and tartar build up.
  • Anal Gland Expression$10+
  • De-Shed Treatment$12.50 - $35+Six step process that strengthens, repairs and seals each strand of hair while hydrating the coat and nourishing the skin. Along with pre and post bath brushing to reduce excess shedding. (Deluxe Bath/Groom Upgrade)
  • Hydration Treatment$8 - $12Anti-itch conditioning bath using premium hydrating Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner and Grape Seed Oil Paw and Nose Revitalizer
  • Flea/Tick Spa Treatment$10+Deluxe Bath or Groom option only
  • Skunk Spa Treatment$15+
  • Paw Soak$5 - $7White Tea Tree Oil soak that fights fungus/bacterial and moisturizes paws.
  • Paw Balm$5Moisturizes paws and prevents absorptions of salt and harmful chemicals.
  • Paw Pad Trim$5 - $10Trim hair from top of paws or pads
  • Specialty Shampoos$3Amino Flex - Moisturizing
  • $3Crystal White - Whitening
  • $3Emerald Black - Enhances Dark Coats
  • $6De-Shed Shampoo & Conditioner - For Excessive Shedding

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