Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with the Doggie Day Spa Team?

Call: 614-481-9663 – to schedule a spa visit or ask general questions

Text: 614-401-8006 – to schedule a spa visit or ask general questions

Book self-wash or nail trim spa visits online here

How can I get in touch with my groomer directly?

Call: 614-481-9663 and type in the extension of the groomer you are trying to reach:

703 –  Annie

704 – Vanessa

705 –  Jo

706 – Megan

707 – Eleanora

709 – Sarah

710 – Kara

711 – Laura


How and when can I make a nail trim appointment?

Tuesday: 2:00pm – 6:00pm by appointment

Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm by appointment

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What are your business and self-wash hours?

Our business, self-wash, and nail trim hours are listed at the bottom of this page. Please note, some of our groomers do take appointments before our regular business hours.

We are CLOSED on:

New Year’s Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Black Friday

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Day After Christmas

Where can I park to drop off/ pick up my pup?

Doggie Day Spa has on street parking on both sides of the street directly in front of our building on West 1st Avenue. There are also several on street parking spots available located adjacent to our building on either Fairview Avenue or Oakland Avenue.

Please respect our neighbors by not parking in their private parking lots.

How early/ late can I drop off/ pick up my pup from their spa visit time?

Drop off – You are welcome to drop off your pup up to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you need an earlier drop off, please contact our team to make special arrangements.

Pick up – Our team will contact you 15-20 minutes before your pup is ready for pick up. If you need more travel time, please notify our team at drop off. Please pick up your pup within 30 minutes of notification. If you need more time, please coordinate with our team in advance to make special arrangements.

Please note, we close at 5:00pm every day except for Tuesday when we close at 8:00pm. Please keep this in mind when scheduling an evening spa visit as dogs should never be picked up outside of business hours. A fee will be assessed if your dog is left at our spa for longer than 30 minutes from the time we contact you for pick up or if you do not pick up within our business hours.

What is your late drop off policy?

Please give yourself plenty of time so that you arrive on time for your pup’s scheduled appointment. As we are an appointment-based salon, we cannot accept your pup if you are more than 15 minutes late. Our groomers and spa techs work exclusively with your pup during their scheduled appointment and require the full allotment of that time to complete their grooming services.

Please note, we are appointment based to alleviate the stress of your pup waiting in a suite or kennel.

What is your cancellation/ no call no show policy?

We require at least a 24-hour notice prior to your scheduled spa visit time to avoid a cancellation fee. While we do our best to send text and email reminders, it is your responsibility to get in touch with our team if you would like to change/ cancel your appointment.

1st cancellation within 24 hours – 50% of your pup’s grooming cost (for new clients this price will be based on the expected cost of your pup’s service)

2nd cancellation within 24 hours – 100% of your pup’s grooming cost (for new clients this price will be based on the expected cost of your pup’s service)

3rd cancellation within 24 hours – our team will determine next steps moving forward (this may include prepayment for scheduling future appointments)

All cancellation fees must be paid prior to re-booking your pup’s next visit.

How long will my pup’s spa visit be?

Deluxe Bath – 1 – 3 hours
Grooming – 2 – 4 hours
Self-wash – Weekend appointments provide you 40 minutes to use our self-wash tubs. Weekday appointments are not scheduled, so you may take more time if needed.

Time estimates depend on the size, breed, coat condition, and services chosen for your pup. They also depend on your pup’s temperament for the services they will receive. We will always take our time with more  nervous pups and may need more time than expected. We will always provide you our best estimate for the service time of your pup.

Is there anything I need to know for drop-off?

Our front door remains locked during business hours for the safety of your pup. Please wait for our staff to let you in so that we can limit our lobby to one dog at a time. We will do our best to transition you and your pup in and out as quickly as we can!

At check-in, you will have the opportunity to speak directly to your groomer or spa tech about the services you would like and any concerns or questions you may have about your pup.

How much will my pup’s spa visit cost?

Deluxe Bath – $45-$110, based on size, breed or type of dog, thickness of coat and temperament. Due to these several variables, price quotes will only be provided after the initial consultation.

Grooming – $60-$150, based on size, breed or type of dog, coat condition, time since last groom and dog’s temperament. Due to these variables, price quotes will only be provided after the initial consultation. Please note, an additional charge will be assessed for de-matting and requires a matting release form to be signed.

Self-Wash – $20 – includes everything you need to bathe and dry your pup.

To see the pricing of our add-on services, please visit our additional spa services page.

Should my dog get a groom or a bath?

Our deluxe bath service includes a warm bath with our premium shampoo, hand blow dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning. This is the best choice for dogs that do not need a full body haircut (breeds such as labs, boxers, pugs, hounds, huskies, shepherds, etc.). You can add on trims such as paw pads and sanitary clean up, but any more cutting/styling will require a full-service grooming.

Our full-service grooming includes a deluxe bath, hand blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a haircut styled to your specifications. This service is for any dog that needs a haircut or has become significantly matted. You are welcome to schedule deluxe baths between haircuts if there is no significant matting present on your dog.

What will my puppy's first grooming visit include?

Grooming can be an overwhelming new experience for a lot of puppies. To set a foundation for a lifetime of grooming, we ease new puppies into the process. For your puppy’s first visit, we will perform a deluxe bath plus groom trims of the feet, face, and sanitary areas. These trims allow for your dog to acclimate to the sensations and sounds of grooming while accounting for the most common first groom needs.

Do you groom senior dogs?

We prioritize the health, safety, and comfort of all of our dogs. This is especially important for senior dogs. As your dog ages and grooming becomes a more arduous process, we will begin to recommend “comfort grooms”. This means that we will attempt to groom and style your dog in a way that causes the least stress and discomfort possible. Sometimes this will mean sacrificing some aesthetic quality, to keep the comfort of your dog a priority. Please communicate any health issues that your senior dog may have at check-in.

We may be unable to accept older pups as new or existing clients if we make the determination that we cannot safely provide their grooming services due to conditions related to their age. In those cases, we will refer you to a veterinary groomer that would have more medical resources than we do at our facility.

Will you work with my anxious/ aggressive dog?

At Doggie Day Spa, we put the comfort and safety of your dog first. While we do have strategies and equipment to perform our services safely, we will only complete services if it is safe to do so. If a dog is showing signs of stress or aggression to a point where any service becomes unsafe for the dog or our staff, we will stop the service. Any issues your dog has with stress or aggression will be communicated to you at pick up and in our health report cards.

Are there any services that you do NOT provide?

We do not provide the following services:

– Hand stripping

– Cording

– Internal Anal Gland Expression (we do provide external expression)

– Ear plucking (except by request)

– Colored dye application

What do you do for matted dogs?

Matted hair does not allow for air circulation to the skin, which can lead to hot spots and bacterial/fungal infection. Tightly matted hair also pulls at the skin when your dog moves and will become more painful as the matting tightens. When it is possible without harming or causing pain to the dog, we will attempt to brush out small mats.

In any situation where there is a risk to the dog, we will only remove mats via shaving. When your dog is tightly matted at their grooming appointment, their hair will need to be shaved extremely close to the skin to undercut the matting. This tight shaving may cause skin irritation, which is more likely in areas where the matting is tightest. We will use a specialty shampoo to sooth any irritation that may occur but you may still see some redness in the days following de-matting. Our groomers are very careful, but the possibility of injury exists. Nicks and/or cuts may occur because the groomer has to work very close to the skin to remove the matted coat. For these reasons we will require a matted release form to be signed before proceeding with the groom.

Due to the extra time and extreme care that must be taken during this process, an additional dematting fee will be assessed.

The best way to prevent matting and ensure that your dog can have the haircut you are looking for is routine brushing.

Are there any breeds you do not accept?

We are currently not accepting any new extra-large breed groom dogs (Chows, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sheepdogs, etc.)

Do you groom cats?

We do not groom or allow cats in our salon.

Do you have boarding or daycare?

We do not have any boarding, daycare, or open play areas in our salon.

What safety steps do you take?

We take many steps to ensure the constant safety and comfort of your dog. Some of these include:

– we do not allow dogs to interact with each other while they are in our building. We also keep our front door locked throughout the day to limit our lobby to one dog at a time

– we clean and disinfect our salon routinely throughout the day to prevent infections and illness from spreading

– we do not use cage dryers, which have caused serious/fatal accidents in grooming salons

– your dog receives one on one attention and care anytime they are outside of their suite

– and many more!

Please ask our staff if you have any questions about any of our safety measures!

What is your inclement weather policy?

If you are unsure if you will feel comfortable to drive on a day expected to have inclement weather, please call our team at least 24hours prior to your appointment time to reschedule. If we are expecting to close for inclement weather, we may reach out in advance to reschedule you prior to closing. In general, Doggie Day Spa will follow Grandview Schools and the city’s weather advisory regarding closings.

What do you do if my pup has health issues?

If your pup has any health issues, please let your spa tech or groomer know what these may be so that we can discuss how they make affect the bathing and grooming process. If you think your pup’s health issues/vet appointments may affect your scheduling, please contact us so that we may answer any questions you may have.

What is your vaccination policy?

All pups must be current on their vaccinations to enter our salon. This policy includes bordetella, distemper boosters, and rabies. All puppies must be current with a parvovirus vaccine (usually puppies finish their core vaccines around sixteen weeks). If you have a deluxe bath or grooming appointment scheduled, there will be a waiver for you to sign to confirm your dog’s vaccination status.

Do you have treatments for skunked dogs? Dogs with fleas and ticks?

For best results, please do not wet your dog prior to their skunk treatment. We will do our best to remove the odor left by a skunk spray by applying a combination of deep cleaning and deodorizing products. However, we are unable to use some of our deeper cleaning products on your dog’s face for their safety (which is where they are most likely to be sprayed). Please be aware, there may be a residual smell as the oils from skunk spray do take some time to fully dissipate.

Our flea and tick treatment will only remove live ticks and fleas from your dog’s coat. It is not a preventative treatment and we recommend consulting your vet for a preventative following your visit with us if fleas or ticks are discovered.

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