Additional Spa Services

We provide several additional spa services with great health benefits to your pup to address any needs or concerns you may have. At the time of check-in our groomers or spa techs would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our additional services.

Doggy Spa

Teeth Brushing


Teeth brushing using enzymatic toothpaste designed to help reduce bacteria, which can lessen tartar buildup and improve bad breath. Most effective with regular brushing.

Tartar and Fresh Breath Treatment


Our three-step oral health treatment includes a tartar control spray, enzymatic teeth brushing, and a fresh breath spray. Great for the overall oral health of your pup! (Deluxe Bath/ Groom add-on only)

Nail File Upgrade


Keeps nails shorter and rounder. Regular nail filing will also recede your pup’s quick. Nervous pups may do better with a file.

Paw Balm


Moisturizes paws and prevents absorptions of salt and harmful chemicals. Alleviates dryness and irritation.

Paw Soak

$5 - $7

White tea tree oil soak that reduces fungus/ bacteria and moisturizes paws, great to help with winter salts and hot summer sidewalks.

Paw Pad Trim

$5 - $10

Trimming of the hair from the top of paws and/or paw pads.

Anal Gland Expression


For a variety of reasons your pup may need help expressing their anal glands. Scooting and licking are common indicators that they may need this service.

Note: We only provide external anal gland expression. For some pups, we will recommend an internal expression by your vet.

De-Shed Treatment

$15 - $35+

Six step process that strengthens, repairs, and seals each strand of hair while hydrating the coat and nourishing the skin. Along with pre and post bath brushing to remove excess shedding. (Deluxe Bath/ Groom add-on only)

Hydration Treatment

$8 - $12

Anti-itch, conditioning bath using premium hydrating shampoo, leave-in conditioner and grape seed oil paw and nose revitalizer (Deluxe Bath/ Groom add-on only)

Flea/ Tick Treatment


Our flea and tick treatment will only remove live fleas and ticks from your dog’s coat. It is not a preventative treatment and we recommend consulting your vet for a preventative following your visit with us. (Deluxe Bath/ Groom add-on only)

De-Skunk Treatment


Breaks up the oils in skunk spray that causes the smell and neutralizes the odor. We recommend this treatment before bathing your pup (do not get your pup wet) to avoid sealing the oils into your pup’s pores further. Please note, remnants of the odor will take some time to fully dissipate. (Deluxe Bath/ Groom add-on only)

Specialty Shampoos

Amino Flex Moisturizing


A luxurious two-in-one de-shedding and moisturizing shampoo derived from the finest ingredients including silk proteins, wheat amino acids, aloe, honey & almond extracts, and sunflower triglycerides.

Chris Christensen Clean Start
– Clarifying Shampoo


Allows a cleansing of the coat while taking extra care not to remove the essential oils that maintain shine, health, and vitality. This enriched pro-vitamin formula helps improve the quality of grooms too!

Crystal White
– Whitening


Targeted whitening shampoo. Uses optical brighteners resulting in brilliant white and improved markings. Works wonderfully on all colored pets! Heat activated enzyme helps to remove saliva, tears, and stains.

Emerald Black
-Enhances Dark Coats


Cleans, conditions and enriches the color of black or dark coats. Helps eliminate red tones, brassiness and sun fading. Deodorizes and leaves hair lustrous and shiny. All natural pet shampoo. Deep cleaning and conditioning.

Medicated Chlorhexidine Shampoo
– Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser


Effectively treats and prevents a variety of skin issues caused by bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. This cleansing shampoo is also gentle and safe for use on puppies and senior dogs.

De-Shed Shampoo & Conditioner
-For Excessive Shedding


Protein enriched with hydrating conditioners that hydrate coat and nourish skin. Highly recommended for double coated breeds, safe for any coat type. Contains coat release to free shedding. Hypoallergenic and soap free. (Available as a self-wash add-on)

Hypoallergenic Shampoo
– For Sensitive Skin

no additional fee

Specially formulated and designed to clean thoroughly, yet gently, without causing allergic reactions in animals. It’s pH balanced formula with all natural products, including Aloe Vera and select vitamins, produces a clean, healthy coat with a pleasant fragrance.